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We All Scream For Ice Cream!

We all scream for ice cream with Galloping Gourmet

If there’s one food that we all associate with parties, it’s ice cream. Fabulously flavoured and lots of fun, ice cream is everyone’s favourite celebration treat and the great news is that’s it’s a brilliant choice for weddings. If the very thought of serving it on your big day has made you smile then you absolutely must read on…

What is it about ice cream that just makes you happy? Well, it’s always delicious, it reminds us of warm days, holidays, days out and joyous family times. It’s also super easy to eat and you can indulge in any one of a hundred flavours. In short, it’s perfect for weddings and here at Galloping Gourmet, we’ve got lots of suggestions as to how you can include it in your day. If you want to include a touch of fun with your wedding food and give guests something to talk about, ice cream definitely has to be on your menu.

We all scream for ice cream with Galloping Gourmet

Ice cream makes an absolutely superb dessert for your wedding breakfast and such a fun pud tells your guests that a seriously brilliant party is about to begin! After the formalities of the day, why not kick-start the fun with a dessert that you can be sure your guests will love?

We all scream for ice cream with Galloping Gourmet

For a dessert that’s utterly fit for a grown-up party, you could serve our famous triple-chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. This really is the brownie of your dreams and once you’ve tasted it, you’ll definitely want more. Delicious vanilla ice cream is the perfect accompaniment to this slice of gooey goodness and completes a dessert to really enjoy.

If you’d like a sophisticated take on the theme of chocolate and ice cream, we’ve got exactly what you want. Our dark chocolate tart served with salted caramel ice cream and a pistachio praline is great wedding dessert. Finally, don’t forget your little guests because you can be absolutely sure they’ll adore ice cream. Keep it simple with an ice cream selection and lots of sprinkles – just make sure to keep these away from the adults!

Customise your ice cream with a fantastic choice of toppings and sauces. They are great for kids and big kids alike!

We also offer something very special that’s part-drink, part-dessert and completely irresistible. Why not indulge with ice cream milkshakes that are served with chocolate chip cookies? These might be on our children’s menu but we promise that no one can ever say no to these tasty treats.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that when the sun is shining, your guests are going to love a decadent ice cream with plenty of extra treats

Finally, if you really love ice cream, include it in your evening food selection. Turn this part of the day into an unmissable street feast by adding an ice cream cart alongside your savoury options. Your lucky guests will be able to take their pick from a range of Jude’s ice cream flavours and then add toppings and sauces to their heart’s content. We absolutely love creating festival vibes at weddings and guests really enjoy these create-your-own delights.

So, will you be adding ice cream to your wedding day? Why not chat to the Events Team about all the options that are available and don’t forget to discuss flavours – you’ll definitely want to test them all before the big day!

Images courtesy of Andrew Gale Photography and Paul Willetts Photography