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Innovative Wedding Food Stations – Amazing American Barbecue

At Galloping Gourmet, we’re always looking to add up-to-the-minute, innovative food options to our range of evening wedding food packages.  We’ve added two fun and exciting dishes to our 2018 wedding menus.

Evening wedding food and the theatre of it has become a significant focus for wedding celebrations. Rather than just a way to soak up the excess of the day; this is a time when the formal meal has concluded, and the menu choice can be a little more exotic, incorporating your favourite ingredients or specific food styles.

Our evening food options are designed to be interactive so that on the night, guests can select their toppings and personalise their dish. For guests that may be joining the later part of the day, this is the perfect way to experience fantastic wedding food and service.

Evening wedding food ideas like this american barbecue - tasty and colourful pizza toppings layed out on a table

Our latest favourite to be added to the menu is an incredible American barbecue station. Smoked brisket and slow-braised pork shoulder is cooked by our chefs out on the barbecue, or inside on the spit-roast, making this the ideal year-round choice.

Evening wedding food ideas like this american barbecue - pork shoulder being carved

The deliciously succulent meat is then carved to order, straight into a choice of flatbreads and wraps. Guests can then help themselves to a ‘build-your-own bar’ of classic coleslaw, Asian slaw, sliced gherkins, French’s mustard, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and pickled chilis.  Certainly, a station for everyone to enjoy! A cocktail station could even be added to enhance the evening offering; we’d pick a Hard Lemonade Bar featuring different flavoured vodkas, or even a boozy milkshake option.

Evening wedding food ideas like this american barbecue - smoked brisket burger

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