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Delicious Vegan and Vegetarian Wedding Menus

Delicious Vegan and Vegetarian Wedding Menus - Galloping Gourmet

At Galloping Gourmet, our one aim is to create wedding menus that our couples love. Recently, we’ve added lots of options to our menus, whether you’re vegan, or vegetarian, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice.

For too long, vegetarian and vegan options have been a bit unadventurous and they’ve just not developed in the same way that other wedding food has. That’s definitely no longer the case at Galloping Gourmet and we’re shaking up our menus to give fans of a plant-based diet delectable options.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to vegan and vegetarian wedding food from Galloping Gourmet.

Let’s start at the beginning of your wedding breakfast and think about starters. Would you like grilled baby gem lettuce and roasted field mushrooms served with roast garlic and truffle vinaigrette? Or might a salad of heritage tomatoes, watermelon and pickled cucumber with a spring onion and mint dressing appeal? If you’re planning a spring wedding, steamed asparagus, burnt cucumber and toasted chickpeas with smoked garlic and paprika houmous would be ideal.

There are plenty of options for vegan wedding food in our menus.

If we move onto main courses, Dukka spiced grilled aubergines with red lentils can be served to your guests with steamed wild rice, toasted pine nuts and a coriander and aubergine pepper salsa. Alternatively, how about mushrooms a la Gréque with thyme roasted baby leeks, pickled fennel, mouli and shallot salad? Our take on vegetarian and vegan wedding food will have even the most committed meat-eaters looking on enviously!

Treat your guests to stunning vegan wedding food and drink on your wedding day.

A vegan wedding menu has to finish with an exceptional dessert and, of course, we have the best options. Our favourite has to be our trio of desserts including vegan tarte tatin, raspberry panna cotta with raspberry popcorn and vegan chocolate brownie with lemon sorbet. In fact, every guest would love that finale to your wedding breakfast, whether they’re vegan or not.

Enjoy delicious vegan desserts, courtesy of the talented Galloping Gourmet chefs

However, our vegan and vegetarian food doesn’t just taste amazing, it looks fabulous too. All of our food is beautifully presented and whether you’ve chosen an entirely vegan menu or whether you’re serving just a few plates for your vegetarian guests, you can be sure everything will be just perfect. Every plate of food is important to us and we want everyone to have that ‘wow’ moment before they eat. The first taste is always with the eye and all our food is designed to impress, even before you take a bite.

Our vegan wedding food not only tastes great, but looks amazing too. Imaginative, seasonal dishes are the best way to add vegan wedding food to your menu.

Imaginative, seasonal dishes are the best way to add vegan wedding food to your menu.

Indulge your sweet tooth with amazing vegan desserts on your wedding day.

And that’s not all, we’ve even got vegan wines on our menus now and we’re always adding more options. Of course, our teams love to create bespoke menus too so if there’s something you want to serve, just let us know.

Get the party started with vegan wines and celebrate in style on your special day.

So, come one, let’s get excited about vegan and vegetarian wedding food! Download our latest menus now and start creating a wedding menu that all your guests will love.

Images courtesy of Andrew Gale Photography, Paul Willetts Photography, Foden Photography, Studio Rouge and Cat Lane Weddings