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Creating Meaningful Wedding Food With Our Bespoke Menus


Inspiration for bespoke food and drinks choices can be found just about anywhere; maybe you want to celebrate your family’s heritage, or include a certain type of cuisine from a romantic getaway. Creating a bespoke wedding menu gives you and your guests the opportunity to wine and dine on options that hold a special place in your heart.

Food and drink often plays a major part in our wedding couples’ lives and we love nothing more than creating unique options for the big day. Here you’ll find a gorgeous Italian inspired feast, a favourite engagement spot, for a meaningful meal to remember!

Authentic Canapés

Italy is famed for fresh, flavoursome food, world class wines and some stunning cocktail options too. To serve alongside your aperitivo we’d opt for delicious antipasti or crostini station.

Delightful Drinks Reception

An elegant Negroni will never fail to impress your guests, we’re pretty partial to an Aperol Spritz too! However for modern twist, how about a refreshing blood orange Negroni.

A seasonal Bellini bar makes for a popular choice at any time of year; classic peach and strawberry (Rossini’s) are best in summer, and we’d choose raspberry or pomegranate (Tintoretto’s) for winter weddings.

Start As You Mean To Go On

Options are endless for the perfect Italian starter; most mains can be pretty rich so we’d keep it simple with a vegetarian option of beetroot carpaccio salad, goat’s cheese curd, red endive and pickled walnut vinaigrette, served with a selection of freshly baked breads.

The main event

Sharing boards are a great way to create a relaxed, family-style meal, ideal for Italian cuisine. A beautiful bowl of golden pasta with an add-you-own seafood platter would create a real centre-piece.

And for dessert, a create-your-own affogato with rich espresso and smooth vanilla gelato; the perfect end to your wedding breakfast.

Extra Special Evening Food

Your evening guests can join in on the Italian feast too, we serve wood-fired pizzas, cooked alfresco by our Chefs with a variety of fresh toppings for an authentic night-time snack.

And there you have it, one incredible Italian menu for meaningful wedding food on the big day. For more foodie inspiration check out our next blog here